Image Coaching

People engaged in Life Coaching may make changes to their lives and lifestyles that signal a need, or a desire, to revisit their personal style and how they present themselves to the world. As a credentialed Image Coach, I enjoy working with clients to uncover a personal style that reflects who they are today, from the inside out. Image Coaching is available to clients in the Chicago metropolitan area.


Style and Wardrobe Consultation

Working with your current wardrobe, we explore the colors, styles, design, and character of clothing that resonates with you today. We inventory your wardrobe, identify items that no longer serve you and missing items that would make it more interesting, functional, and reflective of your life goals and personality. You receive a plan of action, and suggestions for key pieces of clothing. $450, 3 hours


Personal Shopping

After a Style and Wardrobe Consultation, clients may find an accompanied shopping trip valuable for exploring and acquiring new wardrobe options. $350, 3 hours