Life Coaching

You’ve thought about improving your employment situation for a while.
You want to become healthier and stronger. 
You’re unsure you’re doing what you’re meant to on this Earth.
You‘re eager to design the third chapter of your life.
It’s finally time to <you fill in the blank>.
You’re ready. Or close enough.

There are as many reasons people come to Life Coaching as there are life visions. What is your vision of the life you could lead? Is it big enough? Satisfying enough? Let’s get going!



Introduction to Coaching

In a casual, no-expectations phone call, we’ll talk about why coaching feels like it might be right for you at this time, and what you can expect from me. I’ll include a sample coaching session, so that you can get a sense of what working with me might be like. Complimentary, 20 minutes


New Client Intake

This package is for new clients, and kicks-off of our coaching partnership. It starts with a detailed intake to understand your goals and what you’d like me to help you achieve. Over three sessions, we explore your values, priorities, and aspirations as a basis for making decisions and evaluating choices. We will clarify the goals you’ve come to coaching for, and explore how to move toward them. Co-designed homework completed between sessions will further the process. This is a time to focus on the life you envision, and, as importantly, how and who you want to be as you move into it. Three 75-minute sessions, $450



Continuing Client Packages

These packages are for clients who have completed the New Client Intake sessions, and are continuing the exciting work we’ve begun. Prepayment is required to take advantage of the package price. 60-minute sessions

3 Sessions     $380
6 Sessions     $720
9 Sessions     $999


Individual Sessions

Individual sessions are for continuing clients who prefer to pay-as-they-go, or who want to check-in or tune-up on an occasional basis. 60-minute session, $150