Work With Me


Coaching is a co-designed partnership between us that supports you in making the change, the transition, or the movement you’ve been wanting. It’s the opportunity to work with someone whose sole focus is supporting you in this process.

Co-active coaching is powered by the belief that answers lie within you, and that you are capable of recognizing them in order to make your envisioned life happen. You can do this with authenticity and integrity, and a good dollop of enjoyment, as well. In coaching, we create a safe environment where you can reflect on, uncover, grapple with, and become enthusiastic about your options.

I am there to help you clarify your values so that you can make decisions and choices based on them. I have your back, keep you honest, and keep you moving.

Here's what coaching with me looks like:

  • First, we’ll do a detailed intake questionnaire to understand your goals and what you'd like me to help you achieve.
  • Then, we'll meet via phone or video for 60-minute sessions on a weekly or biweekly schedule. The duration of coaching is dependent on your goals, but usually lasts from 3-6 months.
  • You'll have co-designed actions to complete in between sessions to help keep you moving forward.
  • The goal of our sessions is to create inspiration, insight, and options that lead to action and accomplishment. Increased self-awareness, stronger decision-making tools, and new perspectives on what is possible are lifelong benefits.

Most clients experience coaching as a serious endeavor and they’re delighted by how fun and satisfying it can be.